A National Consultant is required to develop modules for the climate change mainstreaming research programme.

Under the supervision of the NAP Project Coordinator and the Climate Change Management Department, the Climate Change Mainstreaming Module Developer will:

·         Prepare an Inception Report summarising the objectives, scope and outputs of the assignment, organisation and methodology for achievement of the outputs, including the schedule.

·         Guided by the course outline,  develop a module which includes the following  chapters:

    • Climate Change Science & International and National Responses;
    • Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessments;
    • Climate Change Mitigation;
    • Planning for Climate Change;
    • Climate Change Budgeting and Finance; and Monitoring and Evaluation and
    • Research for Mainstreaming Climate Change in Development.

·         Organize (in cooperation with the Project Coordinator) a workshop to present the results of the assignment.

·     Present the modules, ensure inclusion of any additional material as may be required by the Climate Change Management Department participate in their validation and

·         Prepare and present an End of Consultancy Report.