The process of releasing liens is referred to as reconveyance. ... Legal Definition of Promissory Note. H-1 EXHIBIT I ----- FORM OF RECONVEYANCE OF RECEIVABLES ----- RECONVEYANCE OF RECEIVABLES dated as of _____, 19__ by and between GREEN TREE FLOORPLAN FUNDING CORP., a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware (the "Transferor"), and _____, a banking corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of _____ (the "Trustee") pursuant to the … Most commonly used upon payment in full of a trust deed. Also called a deed of reconveyance or release. An instrument used to transfer title from a trustee to the equitable owner of real estate, when title is held as collateral security for a debt. A partial release is a mortgage provision that allows some of the collateral to be released from a mortgage after the borrower pays a certain amount of the loan. Termination Clause. And this doth most commonly and properly succeed the tenendum (Sheppard's Touchstone). The reconveyance gets recorded on your property's title, clearing the lender off once and for all. Reconveyance of Deed of Trust and Termination of Assignments and Financing Statements. A substitution of trustee and full reconveyance is a combined document that allows lenders to appoint new trustees who then release liens held against properties, states the Office of the Clerk Recorder at the County of Santa Clara. Get the definition of Reconveyance Deed and understand what Reconveyance Deed means in Real Estate. Explaining Reconveyance Deed term for dummies . For example: if you assume a loan the Substitution of Trustee/Deed of Reconveyance is recorded in the name of the original borrower, not the current homeowner. Substitution of Trustee Law and Legal Definition. A reconveyance clause that requires the trustee to reconvey (transfer back) legal title to the trustor upon notice by the beneficiary (i.e., the lender) that the loan has been paid in full A Substitution of Trustee is a form filed when a successor trustee takes the place of a previous trustee. Reconveyance is the transferring of a property title to a buyer after a secured debt, such as a deed of trust or mortgage, has been paid in full.In many jurisdictions, when a mortgage or property loan has been paid in full, the lender must issue a document indicating that the loan has been paid in full and the title has been transferred to the buyer. Reconveyance of Deed of Trust And Termination of 2014 Option Agreement. Reservation Definition of Reservation (1) A clause of a deed whereby the feoff or, donor, lessor, grantor, etc., doth reserve some new thing to himself out of that which he granted before.