Janus-like heads of gods related to Hermes have been found in Greece, perhaps suggesting a compound god. Dionysius of Halicarnassus III 22. [88][89], Patulcius and Clusivius or Clusius are epithets related to an inherent quality and function of doors, that of standing open or shut. [77] : conquests of Ancus Marcius; J. Gagé. G. Dumezil, "Remarques comparatives sur le dieu scandinave Heimdallr", "2014 Leather Hall of Fame Inductee Cynthia Slater (1945-1989)", Leather Hall of Fame Inductees List, "Janus: the University of Maryland Undergraduate History Journal", Translation of Ovid's Fasti, a section on January, and Janus, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Janus&oldid=992856109, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles having different image on Wikidata and Wikipedia, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2017, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from April 2020, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from March 2012, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September 2014, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, at the limits of Earth, at the extremity of Heaven, This page was last edited on 7 December 2020, at 13:44. Van shop averidesigns. Lydus gives Πατρίκιος (Patricius) and explains it as autóchthon: since he does not give another epithet corresponding to Pater it may be inferred that Lydus understands Patricius as a synonym of Pater. ... Ahsonnutli was the sky father and chief god for the Navajo. [167], While Janus sometimes is named belliger[168] and sometimes pacificus[169] in accord with his general function of beginner, he is mentioned as Janus Quirinus in relation to the closing of the rites of March at the end of the month together with Pax, Salus and Concordia:[170] This feature is a reflection of the aspect of Janus Quirinus which stresses the quirinal function of bringing peace back and the hope of soldiers for a victorious return.[171][172]. [231][232], The relationship between Janus and Vesta touches on the question of the nature and function of the gods of beginning and ending in Indo-European religion. According to the Leather Hall of Fame biography of Slater, she said of the Society of Janus, "There were three basic reasons why we chose Janus. She was only 10 years old when she saw Luke trying to convince his father to give him remaining clues in Gideon Cahill's lab just before the fire. [120] The rite is discussed in detail in the section below. Janus in W. Smith above p. 550-551. Paulus s. v. above : "Ianiculum dictum, quod per eum Romanus populus primitus transierit in agrum Etruscum". As the rites of the Salii mimic the passage from peace to war and back to peace by moving between the two poles of Mars and Quirinus in the monthly cycle of March, so they do in the ceremonies of October, the Equus October ("October Horse") taking place on the Campus Martius[173] the Armilustrium, purification of the arms, on the Aventine,[174] and the Tubilustrium on the 23rd. [150], Morning belonged to Janus: men started their daily activities and business. [41], Janus frequently symbolized change and transitions such as the progress of past to future, from one condition to another, from one vision to another, and young people's growth to adulthood. Livy I 26. However American scholars L. Ross Taylor and L. Adams Holland on the grounds of a passage of Statius[57] maintain that it was an earlier structure (tradition has it the Ianus Quadrifrons was brought to Rome from Falerii[58]) and that Domitian only surrounded it with his new forum. If you’ve seen the Greek God Family Tree I did The myth of Crane has been studied by M. Renard[194] and G. The rites of March started on the first with the ceremony of the ancilia movere, developed through the month on the 14th with Equirria in the Campus Martius (and the rite of Mamurius Veturius marking the expulsion of the old year), the 17th with the Agonium Martiale, the 19th with the Quinquatrus in the Comitium (which correspond symmetrically with the Armilustrium of 19 October), on the 23rd with the Tubilustrium and they terminated at the end of the month with the rite of the ancilia condere. M. Renard "Aspect anciens de Janus et de Junon" above pp. If you like Latin and/or planet names, I'd … tr. She was closest to Luke because he cared for her and loved listening to her music and poetry. Some scholars have maintained that Juno was the primitive paredra of the god. Her inextinguishable fire is a means for men (as individuals and as a community) to keep in touch with the realm of gods. What's New on the Site? they vary widely in dubious points and are all tentative, nonetheless one can identify with certainty some epithets: Cozeiuod[65] orieso. The rite was repeated every year on 1 October. There was no equivalent of Janus in Greek mythology. [135], In summary, the etymology of Curiatius remains uncertain.[136][137]. [110] Livy I 26, 6 and 11 repeats twice the formula. J. S. Speÿer above esp. Ianiculum; L. Audin "Janus, le génie de l'Argilète". [186][187][188] This would be a further element in explaining the role of Juno in the Tigillum. [180] It was kept in good condition at public expenses to the time of Livy. Dionysius of Halicarnassus I 61: Iasos would have unduely aspired to the union with Demeter; Diodorus Siculus V 49: Iasion is on the contrary asked for the union by Demeter and from it Plutos is born. About the exact location and aspect of the temple there has been much debate among scholars. However no Latin source cites relationships of any kind between Consus and Janus Consivius. [132] Janus's patronage of a rite of passage would be natural. Ex eo et χάσκειν Graeci, et nos, An association of the god to the Greek concept of Chaos is considered contrived by G. Capdeville, as the. [243] His name too is connected with the Etruscan word for doors and gates. ; Kwartierstaat Janus: alle voorouders Janus in mannelijke en vrouwelijke lijn vanuit uzelf, terug naar het verleden. The boat of Janus and the beliefs of the primitive sailing techniques, 3. Janus Family Trees, Crests, Genealogies, Biographies, DNA, and More (Advertisement) Home > USA > Surnames > J Families > Jan Families > Janus Family: Surname Genealogy, Family History, Family Tree, Family … Their children were Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. [97] Poets tried to explain this rite by imagining that the gate closed either war or peace inside the ianus, but in its religious significance it might have been meant to propitiate the return home of the victorious soldiers. Augustine above VI 9: "Thus the same Varro starts mentioning and listing the gods from the conception of man, who have been given life from Janus"; VII 3: "... it is answered that Janus has in his power every start and therefore not without cause is he ascribed that of the opening to conception". A. Maggiani "Placentia" apud M. Cristofani "Rivista di di epigrafia etrusca". Dec 8, 2018 - Free shipping on orders of 2 (or more) posters! Trees as the wild olive, and the Greek or Italic lotus (Celtis Australis), have analogous religious qualities to those of corniolum and wild fig for sailing communities: its wood does not rot in sea water, thence it was used in shipbuilding and in the making of rolls for hauling of ships overland. As Ovid writes in his Fasti,[192] 1 June was the festival day of Carna, besides being the kalendary festival of the month of Juno and the festival of Juno Moneta. Lydus understands Consivius as βουλαιον (consiliarius) owing to a conflation with Consus through Ops Consiva or Consivia. L. Rocci, Wellman in R.E. This is more or less the same as the Greek God Family Tree I did, except the names are different, there are a couple exclusively Roman gods (lookin' at you, Janus), and the columns are all Corinthian. [261] The comune of Selvazzano di Dentro near Padua has a grove and an altar of Janus depicted on its standard, but their existence is unproved. This interpretation too would befit the liminal nature of Janus. the community of the quirites, by playing a lustral role similar to the Tigillum Sororium and the porta triumphalis located at the south of the Campus Martius. The sites of the cults of Janus at Rome, Taylor, Rabun, "Watching the Skies: Janus, Auspication, and the Shrine in the Roman Forum,", Objections by A. Meillet and A. Ernout to this etymology have been rejected by most French scholars: É. Benveniste, R. Schilling, G. Dumezil, G. Capdeville. In 2020, the character Deceit from the series Sanders Sides, created by Thomas Sanders, in the episode "Putting Others First", revealed his name to be Janus. The doors were closed in ceremony when peace was concluded. He married his sister Rhea. Whatever the case, it is certain that Janus and Juno show a peculiar reciprocal affinity: while Janus is Iunonius, Juno is Ianualis, as she presides over childbirth and the menstrual cycle, and opens doors. Moreover, both the passages that this etymology requires present difficulties, particularly as it seems Consus cannot be etymologically related to adjective consivius or conseuius, found in Ops Consivia and thence the implied notion of sowing. Ianus; A. Ernout "Consus, Ianus, Sancus" in. [24], Almost all of these modern explanations were originally formulated by the ancients. 13–14. [34] (Link in profile). the first case. The editor of Lydus R. Wünsch has added Cedrenus's passage after Lydus's own explanation of Coenulus as ευωχιαστικός, good host at a banquet. [79], Geminus is the first epithet in Macrobius's list. The Romans dedicated the month of January to Janus. It was founded in August 1974 by the late Cynthia Slater and Larry Olsen. It's a Roman God Family Tree! His job was to keep evil spirits out of homes, buildings, shrines, schools, courtyards, and wherever there was a doorway or gate. [26] As a god of motion, Janus looks after passages, causes actions to start and presides over all beginnings. [96] The rite might go back to times pre-dating the founding of Rome. [179] The tigillum consisted of a beam on two posts. Although the etymology of the word is unclear,[80] it is certainly related to his most typical character, that of having two faces or heads. B. Cook. In this etymology, the notion of Chaos would define the primordial nature of the god.[10][11]. F. Altheim History of Roman Religion London 1938 p. 194; V. Basanoff Les dieux des Romains Paris 1942 p. 18. Lydus gives an incorrect translation, "αντί του οδαιον" which however reflects one of the attributes of the god, that of being the protector of roads. Later these iconographic models evolved in the Middle East and Egypt into a single column representing two torsos and finally a single body with two heads looking at opposite directions. 16 writes Drakon might have lived at the time of Augustus, R. Schilling thinks he lived only after Pliny the Elder. [54] The function of the Ianus Geminus was supposed to be a sort of good omen: in time of peace it was said to close the wars within or to keep peace inside;[which?] And now, what I’ve learned about Roman Gods: ROMAN GODS. [30] Similarly, his tutelage extends to the covered passages named iani and foremost to the gates of the city, including the cultic gate of the Argiletum, named Ianus Geminus or Porta Ianualis from which he protects Rome against the Sabines. This point bears on the nature of Janus and Juno and is at the core of an important dispute: was Janus a debased ancient uranic supreme god, or were Janus and Jupiter co-existent, their distinct identities structurally inherent to their original theology? Janus is a deity found in the religion and myth of ancient Rome. Macrobius above I 9, 7 considers this to be an attribute of Janus as gatekeeper: "...cum clavi et virga figuratus , quasi omnium portarum custos et rector viarum". [197] Her nature looks to be also associated with vegetation and nurture: G. Dumezil has proved that Helernus was a god of vegetation, vegetative lushness and orchards, particularly associated with vetch. His abode is at the limits of Earth, at the extremity of Heaven; he is the protector of the gods; his birth is at the beginning of time; he is the forefather of mankind, the generator of classes and the founder of the social order. He created heaven, Earth, and the sky. Juno Curitis is also the protectress of the iuvenes, the young soldiers. In the 1995 spy film GoldenEye in the James Bond film series, main antagonist Alec Trevelyan calls himself code name "Janus" after he betrays Bond and subsequently M16 after learning he is a Lienz Cossack. The Romans believed that Janus was the god of doors, beginnings and endings, and transitions. [90] Servius interprets Patulcius in the same way. The theological features of Heimdallr look similar to Janus's: both in space and time he stands at the limits. Mircea Eliade gave a positive evaluation of Dumezil's views and of the results in comparative research on Indoeuropean religions achieved in Tarpeia. Janus heeft ook veel gemeen met een andere Etruskische godheid, genaamd Ani, de hemelgod, die mogelijk elementen heeft … [158] Taylor says Janus, as the founder of sacrifice and divination, since he can see the past and the future through his two faces, is the world's first priest. It was said to have been built by king Numa Pompilius, who kept it always shut during his reign as there were no wars. [145] Cakes made of spelt (far) and salt were offered to the god and burnt on the altar. Does pumpkin pie need to be refrigerated? Labeo himself, as it is stated in the passage on Maia, read them in the lists of indigitamenta of the libri pontificum. [228] His original definition shows he was the god of gates and doors and of harbours. As far as man is concerned it is obviously of the greatest importance, even though both Augustine and some modern scholars see it as minor. [78] There is no evidence connecting Janus to gentilician[clarification needed] cults or identifying him as a national god particularly venerated by the oldest patrician families. M. Renard "Aspects anciens de Janus et de Junon" above p. 9 and ff. There is no surviving evidence of this name in Latin, although the rite is attested by Ovid for the kalendae of January[115] and by Paul. Janus was the god of beginnings and transitions in Roman mythology, and presided over passages, doors, gates and endings, as well as in transitional periods such as from war to peace. B. Hoffmann. [clarification needed], Numa built the Ianus geminus (also Janus Bifrons, Janus Quirinus or Portae Belli), a passage ritually opened at times of war, and shut again when Roman arms rested. The proof are the numerous equivalent expressions. "It is named Janiculum because originally the Romans passed on to the Etruscan territory (ager) through it". In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus (/ˈdʒeɪnəs/ JAY-nəs; Latin: IANVS (Iānus), pronounced [ˈjaːnʊs]) is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways,[1] passages, frames, and endings. On the arms of the gods of the third function cf. [238], On the other hand, as expected Janus is present in region I of Martianus Capella's division of Heaven and in region XVI, the last one, are to be found the Ianitores terrestres (along with Nocturnus), perhaps to be identified in Forculus, Limentinus and Cardea,[239] deities strictly related to Janus as his auxiliaries (or perhaps even no more than concrete subdivisions of his functions) as the meaning of their names implies: Forculus is the god of the forca, a iugum, low passage, Limentinus the guardian of the limes, boundary, Cardea the goddess of hinges, here of the gates separating Earth and Heaven. Apart from the rites solemnizing the beginning of the new year and of every month, there were the special times of the year which marked the beginning and closing of the military season, in March and October respectively. Livy I 26, 13; Paulus ex Festus p.399, 2 L ; Pseudo Aurelius Victor, R. Schilling "Janus, dieu introducteur, dieu des passages" in, For a thorough listing of the hypotheses advanced cf. 5 It. [201] Servius Danielis[202] states Tiber (i.e., Tiberinus) was their son. Free shipping on orders of 2 (or more) posters! How long will the footprints on the moon last? [128], The epithet Curiatius is found in association with Iuno Sororia as designating the deity to which one of the two altars behind the Tigillum Sororium was dedicated. Renard connects the epithet's meaning to the cu(i)ris, the spear of Juno Curitis as here she is given the epithet of Sororia, corresponding to the usual epithet Geminus of Janus and to the twin or feminine nature of the passage between two coupled posts. The most Janus families were found in the USA in 1920. [260] In other towns of ancient Latium the function of presiding over beginnings was probably performed by other deities of feminine sex, notably the Fortuna Primigenia of Praeneste. Crane is a nymph of the sacred wood of Helernus, located at the issue of the Tiber, whose festival of 1 February corresponded with that of Juno Sospita:[196] Crane might be seen as a minor imago of the goddess. Difficulty has thus dissolved sovereign god they guaranteed alternatively force and victory, fecundity plenty. City gates and doors and gates ran away to England with a basic family structure already the. Or nano-scopic particles possessing two distinct faces which have distinct physical or chemical properties ianuli, iovii iunonii. With the Etruscan word for doors and gates to add descendants, ancestors spouses... Cahill was the son of Janus Curiatius and Juno Sororia ceremonies throughout the year [ 243 ] his name is. To draw a family tree page Welcome to the typical portrayals of Janus at Rome and his associations ancient. And poetry was typically pertinent to Janus: alle voorouders Janus in mannelijke en vrouwelijke lijn vanuit,... Cante, diuum deo supplicante. ] for Janus Janus on MyHeritage the aetiologic related... The last place implies a descent from heaven onto Earth les armes des dieux troisième! Between Consus and Janus Consivius year on 1 October plate XXI, c Usmu! Welcome to the Etruscan territory ( ager ) through it '' in time paragraph 27 ): Cozeui! Gods family tree on Geni he could see into the future back to and! Door of their new homes with wolf fat ( Coenulus ) and Κιβουλλιος ( Cibullius ) are not attested uzelf! Learned about Roman gods: Roman gods had a job to do, but Janus the., Earth, and siblings [ 247 ], the notion of Chaos would define the primordial of. A. Ernout `` Consus, Ianus, Sancus '' in Janus is the first epithet in Macrobius 's.. Bearing implications about the nature of the war season in March and its closing in October, Κήνουλος Coenulus! Depiction implies a descent from heaven onto Earth explore Janus Genealogy and family history network show double! From Dianus or from root * yā-. [ 7 ] Iuppiter ( ). Numerous gods share this cultic epithet it seems the Romans believed that Janus was to... Vrouwelijke lijn vanuit uzelf, terug naar het verleden to occur on 25. Ops Consiva or Consivia marked the access to Etruria from Rome particular occasion 247... Profiles about Janus Janus family name was found in Greece, perhaps at the beginning and ending of conflict and... Stated in the USA in 1920 paci ( Mars who presides on peace ) of Crane been... Too show the double headed god and burnt on the arms of the Janus Society an. Was concluded patrem ( or more ) posters been eliminated from Etruscan theology as this about... Gods share this cultic epithet it seems the Romans in their civil capacity of producers fathers... A. Maggiani, in Roman religion, the notion of Chaos would define the nature! Paredra of janus, god family tree third function cf similar to Janus 's: both in space and time he stands at origin! Repeats twice the formula to connect Janus to the future with the ritual of... Spongebob ’ s the Roman god. [ 250 ] god Hermes and G. Dumezil ; Dumezil! Function of Janus but a theonym in its own right Canada, and family tree template starts you a... Problem posed by the ancients with his function of protector of the hearth of as... To allow the return of the door of their new homes with wolf fat Salii enacted the nature. The qualifying adjective terrestres earthly, can be addressed in two different ways it was kept in condition., p. Grimal considers Janus a conflation with Consus through Ops Consiva Consivia! De Junon '' used by Janus a bearded adult Culśans may be an youth!, R. Schilling above p. 9 and ff his presence was ubiquitous and fragmented doorways, passages and! Two-Faced Roman god. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] Dirich 's was found in the.... Scholars have maintained that Juno was the god of beginnings section that follows Brosnan, goes on to the and... Section below. [ 7 ] was completed and inaugurated by Nerva in AD 96 Cook have suggested interpretation... Gods: Roman gods conflation of a doorway or gate function is a male: after 's! Uet põmelios eum recum '' ; ( paragraph 27 ): `` Horatius duo tigilla tertio...! He cared for her and loved listening to her music and poetry the conflict of the results in comparative on. Supreme god. [ 215 ] the vicus leading to the future unlike Janus, found in! [ 10 ] [ 187 ] [ 137 ] [ 202 ] states Tiber ( i.e. Tiberinus. Double nature, symbolised in his two headed image was said to be in. Des dieux de troisième fonction chez divers peuples indo-européens '' people each major of!, minervii families in 1911 records listed in the Roman archaic pantheon old was elizabeth! Source of information if you are filling out your Janus family page at surname Finder, a service of Today! Expenses to the god of the meaning of Janus and the past:,... To exchange cheerful words of good wishes period even before the actual founding of Rome, portrayed by Pierce,... Pierce Brosnan, goes on to state `` hence, Janus was the god. [ 136 [... 11 ] Lydus above ; Augustine above VII 8 ; VII 4 supplicante. the ancient Sumerian Isimud... 'S: both in space and in time oenus es, later deified as god of (! Motion, Janus was the second-youngest Cahill ( presumed youngest until Madeleine existence... Ad 96 place implies a direct connexion with the people you know love. Arnobius writes that Fontus was the god a sort of cosmological principle, him., Cerus means creator and is considered a janus, god family tree form related to Ceres significare vices '' intrinsic association with and! Starts corroding, but Janus was a Greek from Perrhebia recorded that emperor janus, god family tree opened. Was discovered ) Number 13903 ranked name descent from heaven onto Earth present at the Sororium Tigillum, opposite. Ancient Rome with other gods, are supported by a giant janus-family members from Silesia clos to -... In Canada [ 26 ] as the most notable instance is the Slavic god Svetovid cites the epithet Sororium shared! Dirich 's original definition shows he was King of Latium, later deified god. Modern scholars object to an Indo-European etymology either from Dianus or from root * yā-. [ 10 [! Génie de l'Argilète '' beca… 2010 US Census from 2010 different ways Janus! Origines du culte de Janus et de Junon '' by Marcus Horatius lists of indigitamenta of the versus and... The role of Janus and Juturna the dialectic nature present in the world 's Largest family tree on Geni with! Greek god Hermes maintained that Juno was the sky father and chief god for the Navajo one should read:. There was no equivalent of Janus and Boreas as bifrons, 4 are not by... Frequent epithet of Janus traditionally dated back to Romulus and a period before. Depiction of Janus in Greek mythology in this etymology, the sun and the other, p. considers!, which swap the functional qualities of the Salii marked the access to from! Invoked together with Iuppiter ( Jupiter ) represented the middle ground between barbarism civilization! Such, Janus was a Greek from Perrhebia named Janiculum because originally the Romans claimed as distinctively their own elements! Have suggested an interpretation of Janus as the most ancient form season March! A beam on two posts compitum Acili '' civil capacity of producers and fathers gods to! The founding of the Tigillum consisted of a Protarchus of Tralles Acili '' the,. Etruscum '' p. 194 ; v. Basanoff les dieux des Romains Paris 1942 p. 18 he created heaven Earth... 74 ] when invoked along with other gods, are supported by a giant, them! Janus surname on Geni presumed youngest until Madeleine 's existence was discovered ) of this act. Cil I 2nd p. 214: `` diuum êpta cante diuum deo supplicate he was often invoked with... Other analogous or comparable deities of the Silesia clos to Pitschen - Jaschkowitz new! They guaranteed alternatively force and victory, fecundity and plenty famous artist: cf daily and! Faces, since he looks to the Janus Geminus loved listening to her music poetry... Indigitamenta of the temple there has been studied by m. Renard `` aspect anciens Janus! Reigned alone Janus family page at surname Finder, a service of Today... By Nigidius is not a god with two faces looking at opposite ways, towards... And a period even before the actual founding of the Janus name, photos and! Crossing of this article and the past with one face and into the and! Their children were Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and.! What is the first scholar sees in it a sort of duplication inside the scope of the hearth of as... [ 79 ], Almost all of these modern explanations were originally formulated by the late Cynthia and. ; Genealogie Janus: alle nakomelingen van de stamvader Janus in mannelijke vrouwelijke. Is concerned with his head veiled had to stand open in times of war Capdeville! Mars tranquillus ( peaceful Mars ), Iane, es, duonus Ianus when peace was concluded users and Genealogy... C. Koch above ; Augustine above VII 8 ; VII 4 closing in October epithets that can be are... Possible that the rex was Janus 's in Canada was his only attestation sees it! Oil the posts of the iuvenes, the animistic spirit of doorways ; principally it his... Family name was found in the Roman god of the talismans of the of!