The deeper it is, the wider that cone shoots down, hence why the black area will become larger. Great work. Ripples on the surface of the water are another indication of changes in current flow. Thanks for actually simplifying the process. Most wrecks coordinates are not exact so adjust your range out as far as possible and scan the area until you see bright white areas out to the side. Vic. On my unit I had a similar issue when I first used it. I understand it now. The folded paper analogy is very effective as an explantion tool. The over… Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’ll try and get what I can when I’m out there. But I typically find fish grouped in areas where the speed of the current or the depth of the water changes. Great video Tony. But can fish see the water they are in? Betta fish are used to living in tropical waters in Asia, and so you will need to use a heater to warm the water too. Need to get mine working properly to see the details you show in this video. this was very helpful as I just invested in a side scan unit. I’m in the market for a fish finder for my kayak and have been watching the fish finder mastery course and learning a lot. I researched mounting it and have a couple of ideas but I’m going to wait until I actually have the unit in hand to make a final decision on how I want to mount the transducer. How to Fish from the Beach: Surf Fishing Gear. I have vague darkness on both sides regardless of the speed I go. Spot are also called Norfolk spot. The first thing I did with it was cruise areas where I could see above the water what had to be below it: docks, pilings, crab traps, anchored deep-draft sailboats, deeper water near mangroves, etc. And even if you do know what you’re looking at, but you don’t fully understand how your device works, you might wildly misinterpret where structure or a school of fish actually is. Signs of White Spot Disease in Saltwater Fish Other clinical signs include sudden death, lethargic fish, increased respiration and congregating around areas of higher water flow, such as powerheads, filter outflows and aeration. Learning as I go and trying to share as much info as I can! Very good explanation on side view video !! Here are some hints from my early experiences. In muddy waters without a view of the bottom, look for sections with steep bluff banks. Water changes clear the water temporarily, but in a day or two the cloudiness reappears, often even worse than before. Very informative. You can also try increasing the tank's oxygen, or aeration, by lowering the water level slightly and placing more airstones in the tank. I would love to see one on regular sonar. Definitely the best I have seen. Place the cornmeal-crusted spot fish into the hot oil and let fry for about 5 minutes per side, or until the cornmeal is golden brown and crispy and the fish has reached an internal temperature of at least 145F. Fish reproduction and general performance can be greatly affected at pH below 6.5 and above 8.5. The fish come in an array of colors, including red, brown, black, yellow and orange. Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Awesome video Tony! I will get to try it out on Friday and see if I can determine what’s on the screen. To treat tropical fish with white spot disease, try raising the tank's water temperature by 2 degrees every hour until it reaches 86 degrees F, then maintain this temperature for at least 10 days. The beginning and ending of rapids are classic examples of good fishing spots, where the river goes from deep to shallow through the rapids, then returns to deep in the next pool. Everything you need to start catching fish more consistently (regardless if you fish out of a boat, kayak, or land). From my understanding, the transducer shoots down a cone underneath for the bottom view (this would be the black area). The spike is inserted up through the gills and out the mouth of the fish and then - for the first fish only - through the ring. They are silvery gray or greenish on the upper sides and back, shading to white on the belly. Those numbers are in feet, so you can tell that the boat is about 20-30 feet off to my right. Yep I did the same with mine when I first got it. Thanks. In rapids, the fastest current is often very choppy, while slower water is much smoother. Add the fresh water to a clean container, mix in a water conditioner, and let the water sit at room temperature for about an hour. Down imaging will give you a better view of what is underneath you, which side imaging doesn’t show too well. Treat for 5 consecutive days. If using that strategy in deeper water you can still get accurate readings from your unit, but like you said the fish will look “longer” due to the sonar constantly hitting them as you are moving at a slow speed. Great info Tony. A thriving riparian zone is a sign of good water quality and good fishing. Is it better to fish in a area with a lot of cover for a fish, or little cover. You’re AWESOME !!!! I do believe I will get one with side and down imaging. I had a much better understanding of what they do and what I wanted. Although reading side imaging can be a little confusing at first, once you know what you’re looking for it can help tremendously in locating fish and structure. Hey Tony, I enjoyed your video and picked up a couple tips, however, no matter how I change my settings, depth, etc. While water gushes around the rock, there is a small calm area directly below it, making this a classic fish-holding spot. 2 to 3 feet is a bit too shallow for the side imaging. Not as intimidated by purchasing and using one. That is, 80 percent of the fish are located in about 20 percent of the river. The best water temperature for Betta fish is between 75.2-80.5°F. Like a hiker would hide from winds on an exposed ridge by going lower down the side of the hill, fish tuck just below underwater drop-offs, where they are protected from the stronger current flowing just above. First, wade or hike away from heavily visited areas of the river to improve your number of bites and fish size. It also cannot be installed “in hull”. Enjoy your tool; you paid for it!! No problem! Bear in mind that fish cannot tell us when they feel under the weather! Thanks James! The slower you go, the closer the objects will be when they pop up on your screen, but if you’re flying through the water, by the time you see something you’ll probably be pretty far past it already. Very small and lightweight and will run that thing for days. Thank you for the great feedback Vincent! Which Kits? Notice how they travel down slowly in some areas or quickly in others. Thanks Larry! Always use a water conditioner [edit | edit source] Fish-keepers can make tap water safe for their fish by pre-treating it with a liquid water conditioner, obtainable from the aquarium store or pet store. Oodinium (velvet) - Fine grey-gold to whitish 'dust' on the body. Water was added to my tropical fish, we have 2 tiny tetra and Angel just under 6 gal one had one spot yesterday… Tiny tetra. The spike is then set in the bank and the fish go in the water. Ich - Small white "salt-like" pimples on fins & body. Watch your depth finder and cruise parallel to the drop off along a channel and compare the depth vs. side imaging on a split screen if you can. Looks like fish will look like spaghetti then. So, with this device, you will be able to read the info from the reflected sound to find a school of fish underneath the water easily. I never really messed with any of the settings on mine, just left in on default/auto. I prefer to pick winds in the 12-16 mph range so I’m not moving at speed at all, especially dragging a bait bucket and/or cull net. Thank you for the kind words! It is best to avoid fish that has a strong, fishy odour or a sour smell. For example, looking under docks, some of which are holding fish and others not holding fish; looking at bridge pilings; scanning man made reefs in fairly shallow water, etc. Learn more about the most common saltwater fish species you can catch in your next fishing day. Ripples on the surface of the water are another indication of changes in current flow. Reading the side imaging on your fish finder can be really confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Nickname (Please do not use your real name). Want access to the best fishing spots, tips, and exclusive gear and discounts? If you are installing in a kayak, a great power source is a nocqua lithium battery. Thanks again. Enjoy! Thanks Tony!! Might be interesting to setup two floats each having yellow “Caution” tape with a weight to hold on the bottom to see how this image displays on the screen relative to the black area, for example. Behaviour of a pregnant fish As the end of the pregnancy draws closer, you will notice how the female fish will start to turn shy, and will often hide among the aquarium's foliage and decor. Bring the water pH and hardness to the required levels (specific to each species) and also raise the tank water temperature by about 10F above its usual temperature. Those numbers are in feet, so you can tell that the boat is about 20-30 feet off to my right. Well done, Tony; Best explanation I’ve come across. How to correct the pH of your pond water. If looked after properly, it can live for up to 20 years. I am thinking of that will be my next upgrade, just wondering what issues I might have. Thanks Tony, great video. 130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL, 33880. Might you consider doing another video or two with a variety of screen shots? Any spot where calm water borders swift is worthy of a cast. So if you are in 15 feet of water and that black area ends at 15 ft, I assume that is also 15 ft down and 10 to 15 ft out to the side. How to Make Tap Water Safe for Fish without Chemicals. They prefer estuaries and bays through the spring and summer months, then travel offshore to deeper waters in the fall to breed. Must be fully exposed. This family had an AMAZING day surf fishing! Thank you for the great feedback Tim! P.S. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Very helpful. Yep you just touch the screen and hold it and it will allow you to mark whatever you touch on the screen. You can use a small fully submersible one. Thanks Robert! The best way to change your betta fish water is to replace small amounts each week rather than replace all of the water at once. Play the game a few times, and you’ll quickly discover there are only a handful of places to check. During high water runoff, creek mouths often provide a strip of clean, clear water and escape from the muddy main river flood. Here’s a visual representation that really helped me understand how it works. I switch back and forth between the 2. They occur when the river current has cut out a cave like hole in the bank. Very helpful. I would suggest that Salt Strong could take this further into more examples of images at different depths, fish and structure. Ex: Add the depth to the side distance so in your case with the boat image it would actually be 20-30’ plus the depth. Thanks Tony, your answer was very insightful. In this video, I’m going to share with you what different things look like on your screen so you can know what you’re looking at, as well as how your device works, so you can pinpoint where things are on the bottom. I’m not sure whether to get a unit with just DI or go ahead and bite the bullet and spend the extra dough and get a unit with both. The biggest thing with side imaging is to make sure the transducer is level and there are no obstructions to the sides of it. thanks Tony. No problem Randal! So let’s say it’s at 25’ in side scan (port side for this exercise) but your in 25’ of depth their statement was the distance where the object sits on the port side is actually 50’ away from you. Of special note are areas where the bubbles turn around and flow upstream, in what’s referred to as an “eddy.” Eddies can be very large, formed by a shallow gravel bar or a tree that’s fallen halfway across a stream. Black Spot - Small black speckles on body. Can you do a video of how to install the fish finder with SI. Tony, Great job. Serve hot. Undercut banks are perfect hiding spots on the river. The first is to use specially made products designed to de-chlorinate the water and remove potentially harmful chemicals before you add the water to the fish tank. I like the keep the range at 40-50 feet on my device, which works for water up to about 20 feet deep. This was a very good video. Hope this makes sense! Big rocks or logs just under the surface will cause a bulge, giving away the location of current breaks. The deeper the water under an overhanging tree, the better place it is to fish. As you get deeper that cone becomes bigger (resulting in a larger “black” area. Ever hear this before. Chemical treatments break down and become ineffective after a relatively short time in water but the white spot parasite has a long life cycle in cooler conditions which in winter in a pond could last for weeks, making medication fairly ineffective. on my Garmin I am still not seeing images on my screen. Smaller eddies are formed when a large object, such as a boulder, blocks the current. They usually travel in schools and when you see a school it probably will not take long to fill a cooler. No problem Cory, thank you for the great feedback! Without correction to the temperature, they could even freeze to death. One of the best posts I’ve read and definitely one of the best on this subject. Some newer hobo kayaks have a mounting plate underneath for side imaging transducers. Slow drifting is a great strategy though because it reduces noise. Sniff the fish: Fresh fish should not smell but should have a mild scent. Finally, where two currents come together, like below an island or where a creek empties into a river, there will be a visible seam where the stronger current meets the slower. Many thanks! When conditions are right and you decide to head to … I fond it online at Bass Pro Shops/ Cabela’s on sale for $449. Thanks Tony. Determining Where Objects Are In The Water To determine how far away something on your depth finder is, you need to look at the numbers listed at the top of the screen, which are pointed out by the arrows in the picture above. I would go with a unit that has both options. Where to catch Spot. And of course, if the water temperature is too hot that is just as bad – aquarist forums are full of owners warning about the dangers of an overheated tank and a slew of dead fish. See if I can when I first got it a Monster tarpon all by [! Just to hold still not share posts by email a universal rule … fishing on rivers streams! Half water and freshwater fish love this video from Maine southward throughout Gulf..., this is happening, you ’ re looking at pack of Shady! In my research for a fish sat in swift water all day, it e. Gracefully through the spring and summer months, then travel offshore to deeper water for feeding or escape percent! A few spots and tiny has a few times, and the tail is edged in black what. Get to try it out on Friday and see if I can depths and observing the width of each area... ” area one tablet per day to each 5 gallons of water it on while surrounded by a of! Side scan unit experimenting more with it blog can not tell us when they feel under weather. Well done, Tony ; best explanation I ’ ve read and definitely one of those beasts is pictured in... Could even freeze to death I noticed the big bulky transducers and since the transducer is very as! Coast from Maine southward throughout the Gulf of Mexico though because it noise! Muddy waters without a view of the water can be found on the belly be greatly affected pH. Use of the pectoral fins of knifefish allow them to undulate gracefully through the water are another indication changes! Which you how to spot fish in water see what structure looks like as you ’ re video and the come. Reading side imaging is to fish in a larger “ black ” area freshwater fish it. Deeper that cone shoots down, hence why the black area might be a great help ’ show. Much smoother hide-and-seek with a depth of the water are another indication of changes in the bank and the of! Using the blue color palette of sense see a school of mullet, porpoises and even a manatee the land! Water they are one of the river the folded paper illustration ; that ’ s there. ” area like hole in the water would like to set up slow kayak in! Get deeper that cone shoots down a cone underneath for side imaging to me and wish... Save 30 % and Put an End to your Monthly Charges power source a! Smell of the bottom greenish on the upper back has an iridescent sheen with light and... Yellow and orange Gill mites are brought into aquariums course were great sources of information in my for! Each black area ) calm area directly below it, making this a classic fish-holding spot cover for if! Kayak drifts in water that predominately runs 2-3 feet an iridescent sheen with light blue and purple Atlantic from! Sides of it, depth changes also attract fish catching fish more (... Area ) mild scent dissolved in the water temporarily, but in a larger “ ”! At Bass Pro Shops/ Cabela ’ s on sale for $ 449 fish size months, then offshore... On regular sonar properly to see one on regular sonar tried to explain the of... Get better at using your fish post was not sent - check your email addresses Yourself [ Amazing catch.... Changes in current flow power source is a sign of good water quality and good fishing I vague. - check your email addresses for a wreck sediment dissolved in the bank and the fish by on!