About Us


  • Develop climate related policies and strategies
  • Coordinate climate change research, carry out climate change education, awareness and training.
  • Promote greening of the economy (promoting energy efficiency, creating green jobs etc).
  • Carry out climate change negotiations.
  • Develop and coordinate climate change mitigation and adaptation projects.

A climate resilient and low carbon Zimbabwe.

To climate proof all socio-economic sectors of Zimbabwe through effective climate change management.

The Climate Change Management Department was established in 2013 when the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management and Ministry of Water Resources Planning and Development were merged to form the current Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate. The Climate Change Management Department has an establishment of 10 officers including the Director, the Deputy Director and the Executive Assistant.

The Climate Change Management Department has seven offices. The offices include the Adaptation Office which looks at coordinating and reporting of National Implementing Entities for the Adaptation Fund and the Green Climate Fund, participates in vulnerability and adaptation assessments and ensures development of the national adaptation plans. The Mitigation Office looks at nationally appropriate mitigation actions, green growth strategies and development of biennial update reports. The Publicity Office is the climate change information and education unit and coordinates all climate change communication, training and public awareness programmes. The other offices are Clean Development and Market Mechanisms, National Compliance, Projects and Research.