The impacts of climate change on water resources is a primary concern for local and global water resources management.

The use of renewable sources of energy is less polluting, compared to that of non-renewable sources.

The impacts of global climate change and variability are becoming more evident with increased incidences of droughts, floods, hailstorms, more hot

Launch of the Building Capacity to Advance the National Adaptation Planning Process in Zimbabwe Project

What We Do

The Department is mandated with promoting best practices in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies to enhance the country’s
response and capacity to manage the impacts of climate change. The Department is tasked to:


Develop climate related policies and strategies

Research Coordination

Coordinate climate research


Promote climate change education


Carry out public awareness and training on climate change issues


Provide guidance and ensure implementation of ZimAsset on climate issues

Greening The Economy

Promote energy efficiency and creation of green jobs

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